The next two months I'm going to spend abroad for enhance my english language knowledge meanwhile I would like to find some opportunity for a job that match to me and I'll be available by e-mail or phone but we can contact by IM (for example: Skype) if necessary. - (09.09)

I've started my new facebook subsite that named Vertigo's Ideabox which share my functional design idea contents. - (23.08)

After more than 7 years working at NNG and several months refreshing and self-education I'll look after new challenges. I shall continue to deal with functional design but I use gladly my team leading/line manager experience (~5 years) too. - (05.06)
My name is Péter Fülöp, I born in Hungary and more than 20 years behoove with design and visualization. I've graduated as architect technician and programmer but whole time I made graphical and design tasks train myself by self-taught. You can download my CV on this link in PDF format.

Since 2008 I've made or managed of creating navigation HMIs first time as graphic/developer after as team leader with smaller teams and line manager with bigger teams, made the biggest and most important projects of the company. We strarted with PNA/PND UIs, later mobile developements and finally specifically automotive navigation systems. These all projects are so-called "white label" solution it because I mustn't show any reference from this period which contains more than 50 projects whose result you can find easily on the google, youtube, car traders, auto shows (Genf, SEMA, etc.) or on the race tracks.

If you would like to see my older references you can find it on my old WEBsite which contains product-, architecture-, WEB-, package-, advertisement-, POPAI designs too.
Cellphone: +36 70 2207249